Measurement Solutions

Instrumentation & data logging systems to provide precise knowledge of yacht dynamics, real-time environment &
control information achieved by using the latest in sensor technologies combined with advanced model-based software architecture and electronic processing capability.

Measurement Solutions

LinearLab is working with advanced sensor manufacturers to customise specifically for the marine environment, 3D ultrasonic wind & acoustic doppler speed sensors to provide accurate & reliable raw sensor data to the onboard systems. This enhancement significantly reduces the calibration and correction processing time allowing users and engineers to focus on other performance related areas.

Boat Speed Sensor

A replacement for traditional paddlewheel technology, known to wear over time causing performance characteristics to change and requiring continuous maintenance and calibration.

The doppler velocity log is a solid-state sensor that provides an accurate measurement of boat speed through the water. In conjunction with the onboard GPS, it also provides a highly precise calculation of leeway, current speed and direction.

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Wind Speed and Direction Sensor

The Ultrasonic Anemometer is designed for simultaneous measurement of wind speed and wind direction parameters, without the use of any moving parts. It is equipped with the latest technology and is air-flow optimised with the help of advanced air-flow simulation software, developed by a leading aerospace manufacturer. The result is a very precise, durable and multi-functional sensor.

The calibration parameters are not influenced by ageing, as there are no moving mechanical parts involved. As well, all further disadvantages from mechanically moving cup anemometers and wind vanes are avoided.

Highest precision due to outstanding air flow properties

Wind Tunnel Testing and Calibration experience

In-depth testing and verification of key measurement devices across typical sailing apparent wind speeds and angles.

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